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Auntie Annie's Day Care

Here I will put links to organizations and schools that I think may be helpful to parents.

Links to local schools and town information.

City of Des Moines

Des Moines Public Library

Des Moines Public Schools

Links to organizations that can provide additional information about early child development, education, and parenting.

Adult Health Links

Dr. Evert Koops Health Site
This is a reliable resource for general adult health information. Dr. Koop, former U.S. Surgeon General, believes, Information is Prevention, and this site supports this motto.

Just Eliminate Lies (JEL)
Just Eliminate Lies (JEL), the statewide teen effort to fight tobacco use, is funded by the State of Iowa from the Tobacco Settlement Fund and administered by the Iowa Department of Public Health Division of Tobacco Use Prevention and Control. JEL encourages all smokers of all ages wanting to quit smoking to call Quitline Iowa at 1-866-U-CAN-TRY (1-866-822-6879), a statewide, toll-free smoking--cessation hotline, for more information about nicotine addiction and the deadly effects of tobacco.

Child Health Links

ABC's of Safe and Healthy Child Care
From the Center's for Disease Control and Prevention. A handbook that helps providers reduce illness, injury, and other health problems. Contains fact sheets on common childhood illnesses.

American Academy of Pediatrics-publications
This site has two sections of interest to child care providers. "You & Your Family" has information about injury prevention, Healthy Kids magazine, and immunization. "Publications" contains a list of books for purchase and other child health materials.

American with Disabilities Act pertaining to child care
The ADA site gives child care providers and families guidance on making the child care environment accessible to all children and accommodating to the physical, health, and developmental needs of children with disabilities.

Bright Futures
This site serves to promote and improve the health, education, and well-being of children and adolescents 0-21 and their families. A good source for many health subjects.

Caring for Our Children - The National Health and Safety in Child Care Performance Standards
This site contains standards and guidelines for health and safety in child care. The rationale and background for each standard is included. Useful in developing program policy and activities.

Healthy Child
This site contains information on many child care and children's health issues, including a wonderful resource guide and other health links.

This website offers Feature Articles and News Briefs on current children health issues.

This site is a great resource on pediatric drug information for child care providers and parents.

Medication in the Child Care Center
A guide for child care providers giving medication in the child care setting can be found at this site. Providers receive guidance on reading product labels, safely storing medication, measuring doses, and developing a written record on medications given.

National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care
The NRC seeks to improve the quality of child care by supporting state and local health agencies, child care resource and referral agencies, and child care providers. This site has various print and electronic resources to aid the child care provider in responding to health and safety issues.

National School-Age Care Alliance
NSACA supports child care providers working with school-age children in before and after school and summer programs. The NSACA has national standards for quality school-age care.

Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families
The nation's leading resource on the first three years of life to strengthen and support families, practitioners and communities to promote the healthy development of babies and toddlers.


Child Net/Child Care Resource and Referral of Central Iowa

Department of Human Services - State of Iowa

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

National Network for Child Care (NNCC)

National Parent Information Network (NPIN)

Safety Links

Consumer Product Safety Commission
This web site contains up-to-date information on products found to be unsafe for use. Child care providers may find the latest recalls and announcements or search for previously recalled products.

National Safe Kids Campaign
This site lists car seat safety information. Health/safety links and product recall lists

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